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About GIT

Gabinete Internacional de Traducciones (GIT) is one of the leading Spanish companies in the translation sector, with over 40 years’ experience in the market and an extensive track record in all kinds of translations, especially in the legal, economic and financial areas.

The outstanding feature of our company is the quality service we offer, with very reasonable rates and fast turnaround. GIT guarantees the quality of its work with an exhaustive control of each stage in the translation process and the elements involved.

We give all our clients careful, personal attention. Through fluent communication, we are able to coordinate with our clients and adapt to their needs for each project throughout the entire translation process.

Our translations are done by expert native translators with a sound knowledge of the subject matter in each case. We also offer editing, composition, checking and proofreading services.

We have a team of qualified, native legal, economic, financial and technical translators in all languages.

Although our clients mostly use the languages of the European Union, GIT is equally able to deliver translations in more than 40 languages used less frequently, such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian or Arabic.

Our clients include some of the most important multinational enterprises as well as banks, financial institutions and prestigious law firms, both in Spain and abroad.

GIT guarantees confidentiality in all our translations. Our files and procedures comply fully with the relevant provisions of the UE General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and statutory instruments, and we have also signed specific agreements with both clients and translators to guarantee that confidentiality.

GIT is CERTIFIED in the Official Register of Contractors kept by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, so we are qualified to bid for public procurement contracts.

Quality policy

The firm GABINETE INTERNACIONAL DE TRADUCCIONES (GIT), engaged in the “translation and interpreting of languages”, openly declares its intention to offer competitive services to all its clients. For this purpose, it has implemented a quality management system in the organisation based on the reference standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 17100:2015, with the overriding goal of achieving the utmost customer satisfaction. Accordingly, the firm undertakes to:
  • Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, including any parties interested in their results, in all aspects relating to our services and their repercussion in society.
  • Set goals and objectives focusing on quality performance assessment and continuous improvement in our activities, regulated in the Management System that develops this policy.
  • Comply with the provisions of all laws and regulations applicable to our business, our commitments to clients and all internal regulations or guidelines subscribed by GABINETE INTERNACIONAL DE TRADUCCIONES (GIT).
  • Maintain fluent communication both internally, among the different staff of the company, and with clients.
  • Assess and guarantee the technical competence of our staff and make sure they have sufficient motivation to participate in the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Make sure subcontractors meet the necessary requirements to guarantee that their services meet the client’s specifications.
  • Ensure that our installations and equipment are in good condition and are adequate to perform the business and meet the goals and objectives of our firm
These principles are undertaken by the company Management, which has the necessary means and provides its employees with sufficient resources to meet them, setting them down in writing and making them public through this Quality Policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

GIT is committed to quality in the provision of its translation and interpreting services and to compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations on good practices in the business environment, as well as respect for all provisions, including the code of conduct recognised in Spain.

Our principal commitments include:

- All those deriving from the quality certificates we have obtained (UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE EN 17100:2015), such as:
  • Personal data protection in compliance with The EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and Statory Instruments.
  • Occupational hazard prevention.
  • Respect for the environment with a rational use of electronic and computing tools and recycling of paper and consumables, among other measures.
  • Absolute confidentiality in the handling of information provided by our clients.
- In addition:
  • We help our employees to strike a good work-life balance.
  • We collaborate in the Christmas campaigns of UNICEF and other NGOs.
  • We created in 1999, and have promoted and awarded ever since, the “José Ramón Piñeiro León” International Puerto Rico Award, in memory of one of our founding partners. This award aims to favour and strengthen bonds between Puerto Rico and Spain and is granted for the best literary work presented, selected by a jury of distinguished and intellectually prestigious persons and presented at a ceremony held every two years.
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