Quality Policy

The firm GABINETE INTERNACIONAL DE TRADUCCIONES (GIT), engaged in the “translation and interpreting of languages”, openly declares its intention to offer competitive services to all its clients. For this purpose, it has implemented a quality management system in the organisation based on the reference standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 17100:2015, with the overriding goal of achieving the utmost customer satisfaction.


Accordingly, the firm undertakes to:


1. Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, including any parties interested in their results, in all aspects relating to our services and their repercussion in society.

2. Set goals and objectives focusing on quality performance assessment and continuous improvement in
our activities, regulated in the Management System that develops this policy.

3. Comply with the provisions of all laws and regulations applicable to our business, our commitments to clients and all internal regulations or guidelines subscribed by GABINETE INTERNACIONAL DE TRADUCCIONES (GIT).. 

4. Maintain fluent communication both internally, among the different staff of the company, and with clients.

5. Assess and guarantee the technical competence of our staff and make sure they have sufficient motivation to participate in the continuous improvement of our processes.

6. Make sure subcontractors meet the necessary requirements to guarantee that their services meet the client’s specifications.

7. Ensure that our installations and equipment are in good condition and are adequate to perform the
business and meet the goals and objectives of our firm


These principles are undertaken by the company Management, which has the necessary means and provides its employees with sufficient resources to meet them, setting them down in writing and making them public through this Quality Policy.

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