Terms & conditions

GIT performs its translation services in accordance with Quality Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 17100-2015. Accordingly, GIT will use its best endeavours to provide the client with quality work and adapt to the stipulated delivery times, as long as this is not prevented by causes beyond its control. In order to achieve this, all projects shall be subject to the following general terms and conditions.

One.Quote and scope of project

Quotes shall be provided for clients based on the material received, the purpose of the translation and any other instructions issued. The quote shall be sent by e-mail and shall indicate the name of the file (or any other clear reference to the document) , the combination of languages of the translation and the delivery time. Quotes shall be accepted by the same means used to send them. The estimated delivery time will begin from the date of such acceptance by the customer.  The quote shall be valid for a period of TWO (2) months from the date on which it is sent to the client. Any modifications or additions made by the client after remittance of the quote shall render that quote null and void and be subject to the issuance and acceptance of a new quote. Failing express acceptance by the client of the quote or new delivery times and/or price, GIT reserves the right to not commence the service. Any costs incurred in providing the service (travel, express postal delivery, etc.) shall be payable by the client unless otherwise agreed. Any discounts shall be applied at the sole discretion of GIT and exclusively for the specific service for which they may be granted. Any reductions or discounts granted to a client shall by no means be considered a vested right for subsequent services. If GIT has not submitted a prior quote to the client, the translation services shall be invoiced at the basic rates normally applied.

Two. Advance payment
GIT reserves the right to ask the client for advance payment to guarantee the service contracted.
The percentage of that payment shall be stated in the quote. In this case, the service shall not
commence until the advance payment has been received.

Three. Obligations of the parties GIT

GIT undertakes to keep as close as possible to the original meaning of the text and conform to the standard criteria of the profession. It will endeavour as far as possible to take account of and include in the translation any informative material provided by the client (glossaries, drawings, diagrams, abbreviations, etc.). GIT will not be responsible for any incoherence or ambiguity in the original text; the client is exclusively responsible for checking the technical coherence of the final text. CLIENT The client undertakes to provide GIT with the full texts to be translated and any technical information that may be necessary to understand them. Where necessary, the client shall also provide any specific terminology required. In the event of any delay by the client in sending the full texts to be translated, GIT will not be responsible for possible disconformities or for failure to meet the deadlines originally proposed. The client is responsible for checking that the end product is suitable in all aspects for the purpose for which it is needed. After delivering the translation to the client, GIT shall consider it accepted by the client unless otherwise notified within a period of 10 days. After that time, the service shall be deemed correctly provided and no claims will be accepted.

Four. Confidentiality

GIT undertakes to respect the confidential nature of all information received in order to provide its services. All originals shall be returned to the client on request. GIT accepts no liability for interception or loss of information during data transfer, especially by internet.

The client is responsible for informing GIT in advance or on commissioning the work of the means of
transfer it wishes to use in order to guarantee the confidentiality of any sensitive information.
In this regard, should GIT need to supply that information to collaborators in the project in order to
enable them to do their work, it shall sign a confidentiality agreement with them.
GIT shall keep the documentation provided exclusively in digital format and copies of its
translations, at the client’s disposal, for a period of THREE (3) months, unless expressly instructed

Five. Format of delivery
Translations (simple and sworn) shall be delivered in Word by e-mail. On request, simple translations may be delivered by post, accompanied by a magnetic data carrier, such as an USB memory stick, CD or DVD. Any other format
or form of delivery shall be expressly agreed between the parties and may entail an additional
charge in the invoice.

In case of sworn translations, the originals duly signed and sealed by the sworn translator may be sent by any system that the client requests, under his responsibility and charge, or will be at his disposal in our offices to be removed by the client.

Six. Liability
The liability of GIT shall be limited to the total amount of the invoice for the service in question.
Under no circumstances will it accept liability for claims related with the translations.
The delivery times are provisional, so no penalty will be payable for late delivery, although the firm
will use its best endeavour to ensure the scrupulous fulfilment of all deadlines agreed.
GIT will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or claim caused to the client or third parties
as a result of late delivery of a translation, especially when due to causes of force majeure, or
possible delays due to communications by fax, modem, e-mail or postal services.

Seven. Invoicing and payment

Unless otherwise agreed, invoices shall be issued upon completion of the work and payment shall be made by the client at 30 days invoice date. In the event of late payment, any work in progress may be interrupted until full payment is received. The client shall pay interest on the overdue amount at the prevailing legal interest rate from the due date up to the date of actual payment. All translations are property of the translator until full payment has been received for the work.

Eight. Intellectual property

The client shall be the author of the original document or shall have obtained the necessary prior authorisation from the copyright holder for the document, as the case may be, before commissioning its translation to GIT. GIT will not be liable for any infringement by the client of intellectual property rights or any other third party rights or applicable laws or regulations. The client will be solely liable for all possible damages and financial consequences deriving from its negligence. The client acknowledges that the resulting translation produced by GIT is a new document, copyright over which is shared between the author of the original document and GIT. Consequently, in the event of literary or artistic translations, without prejudice to its financial rights over its work, GIT reserves the right to demand the inclusion of its name on any copy or in any publication of its translation.

Nine. Applicable laws and jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish laws and the parties hereto shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid (Spain), expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them. The client approves the quote submitted and agrees to make full payment thereof, even if the corresponding invoice is issued, by indication of the client, to their end client.

Privacy policy: In pursuance of Organic Law 3/2018 5 th of December on Personal Data Protection and of Art. 28 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, you are hereby informed that your details have been included in an automated data file for the purpose of providing and offering our services. The data collected are stored with the confidentiality and security measures required by law and will not be transferred to or shared with any firms or entities outside GIT. You are further informed that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition through the following means:

• E-mail: git@gitsa.es
• Written communications to the person legally responsible for the file: GABINETE INTERNACIONAL
DE TRADUCCIONES; C/ Don Ramón de la Cruz, 72 – 28006 Madrid, Spain.

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